COVID - 19 Response

In response to COVID -19 and your counseling care at SOS Counseling, as healthcare providers, our priority is to provide our clients with a safe and healthy environment to have their counseling care needs met. We understand the nation is in a national state of emergency due to the Corona Virus. We support and practice the guidelines and protocols of the CDC and the World Health Organization. We understand the anxiety individuals are experiencing during this time and SOS Counseling Therapists and Staff along with client cooperation will continue to provide services in a healthy manner.

We encourage our clients to practice healthy self care with frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer to minimize the spread of germs. If you find yourself or any family member within your household experiencing any symptoms associated with the Corona virus, please cancel your counseling appointment as soon as possible.

SOS Counseling will provide hand sanitizer for utilization upon entry into the building. The offices have been deep cleaned and will continued to be sanitized throughout each day as per already established protocols.

SOS Counseling will continue to provide services to our clients to the best of our ability in keeping with the national state of emergency precautions during this time. SOS Counseling is exploring telehealth possiblities during this time for clients that may need services and be unable to come to office. We will keep you apprised of the opportunity for telehealth should those services be needed as we work with insurance companies and local health community.

SOS Counseling Therapists and staff encourage each of you to remain positive, continue to lift one another up with encouragement and practice healthy self care for yourself and your family. If you are social distancing with your family, we encourage you to utilize this time to strengthen family relationships and enjoy family time. This is a time for each of us to pull together as a community and offer encouragement, care and grace to one another.